Rare Autographs For Sale

Rare Autographs For Sale

Miscellaneous Autographs

The following signatures, (without photos below), mostly on vintage album pages signed in the 1920's and 1930's, are available for sale. If you have any questions, or are interested in any of them, please contact Bart at bdbop@aol.com

Charles F. Adams (d. 1954), US Secretary of the Navy-$30
George Ade (d. 1976), Writer, Newspaper Columnist and Playwright-$25
Barnard Baruch (d. 1965), US Financier-$50
William Boroh (d. 1940)-US Senator from ID-SOLD
Walter Brown (d. 1961), US Postmaster General-$20
Charles Bryan (d. 1945), Governor of NE-$15
Thornton Burgess (d. 1965), Conservationist & Author-$30
Nicholas Butler (d. 1947), President of Columbia University-$15
Smedley Butler (d. 1940)-Highly Decorated US Marine; Awarded 2 Medals of Honor-$300
Richard Byrd (d. 1957)-American Polar Explorer-$60
James Byrne (d. 1930), Borough President of Brooklyn, NY-$10

Clarence Chamberlin (d. 1976), Famous Aviator; First to fly a passenger across the Atlantic Ocean-$60
Robert Chambers (d. 1933), Artist and Writer-$10
Theodore Christianson (d. 1948), US Representative and Governor of MN-$8

Calvin Coolidge (d. 1933), 30th US President (on White House Card)-$225
Royal Copeland (d. 1938), US Senator from NY-$15
George Cortelyou (d. 1940)-US Secretary of Commerce & Labor & Treasury; Postmaster General-$40
James Cox (d. 1957), Governor of OH & Democratic Presidential Nominee in 1920-$20
John Curry (deceased), First National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol-$20
Charles Curtis (d. 1936), US Vice President-$60
James Davis (d. 1947), US Secretary of Labor-$20
John Davis (d. 1955)-1924 Democratic Nominee for President-$25
Charles Dawes (d. 1951), US Vice President & Nobel Prize Winner-SOLD
George Dern (d. 1936), US Secretary of War-$10
William Doak (d. 1933), US Secretary of Labor-$35
Charles Dodd (deceased), New York Supreme Court Member-$5
Vic Donahey (d. 1946), Governor & US Senator from OH-$15
Louis Emmerson (d. 1941), Governor of IL-$8
James Farley (d. 1976), Postmaster General-$15
John Fisher (d. 1940, Governor of PA-$5
Harry Emerson Fosdick (d. 1969), Clergyman-$35
Emilio Gil (d. 1978), President of Mexico-$75
Frederick Gillett (d. 1935), US Senator & Representative from MA; Speaker of the House-SOLD
James Good (d. 1929), US Secretary of War-$25
George Bird Grinnell (d. 1938), Anthropologist and Historian (on personal stationary)-$75
Texas Guinan (d. 1933), Saloon Keeper and Actress-SOLD
Patrick Joseph Hayes (d. 1938), Archbishop of New York-$25
Myron Herrick (d. 1929), Governor of OH; US Ambassador to France-$25
Richmond Hobson (d. 1937), US Representative from AL; Medal of Honor-$85

Herbert Hoover (d. 1964), 31st US President (on White House Card)-$350
Edward House (d. 1938), US Diplomat-$35
Charles Hughes (d. 1948), Governor of NY; Chief Justice Supreme Court; 1914 Republican Presidential Nominee-$45
Rupert Hughes (d. 1956), Historian, Novelist and Film Director-$20
Fannie Hurst (d. 1968), Author-$25
Arthur Hyde (d. 1947), US Secretary of Agriculture-$10
Hirem Johnson (d. 1945), US Senator and Governor of CA-$25
Wesley Jones (d. 1932), US Representative and Senator from WA; Senate Majority Whip-$8
Frank Kellogg (d. 1937), US Secretary of State & Nobel Prize Winner-$35
J. Warren Kiefer (d. 1932), US Representative from OH; Speaker of the House; Brig. General in the Civil War-$35
Baron Arndt von Kirchback (d. 1963), Theologian-$10
Robert Lamont (d. 1948), US Secretary of Commerce-$25
Robert Lansing (d. 1928), US Secretary of State-SOLD
Lewis Cass Ledyard (d. 1932), Commodore of New York Yacht Club-$8
Herbert Lehman (d. 1963), Governor of NY & US Senator-$10
J Jamilton Lewis (d. 1939), US Representative from WA and IL-$8
Gordon Lillie (Pawnee Bill) (d. 1942)-Western Show Promoter (dual signed)-$150
Bernarr MacFadden (d. 1955), Physical Culturist and Publisher-$15
Donald MacMillan (d. 1970), Arctic Explorer (on letterhead)-$40
Mayo Brothers (W.J. & Charles), Noted Doctors (on 2 separate slips of paper)-$200
William McAdoo (d. 1941), US Senator from CA; US Secretary of the Treasury 1913-1918-$18
James McCreary (d. 1918), Governor, US Senator & Representative from KY-$15
Andrew Mellon (d. 1937), US Secretary of the Treasury-$150
William Mitchell (d. 1955), US Attorney General-$8
William Murray (d. 1956), US Representative & Governor from OK-$8
Gifford Pinchot (d. 1946), Governor of PA-$35
D.A. Reed (d. 1953)-US Representative from PA (on US Senate letterhead)-$10
James Reed (d. 1944), US Senator from MO-$5
Albrt Ritchie (d. 1936), Governor of MD-$15
Arthur Robinson (d. 1961), US Senator from IN-SOLD
Joe Robinson (d. 1937), Governor of AR-SOLD
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (d. 1944), Son of 26th President & Governor of Puerto Rico-$45
Elihu Root (d. 1937), US Secretary of State-$50
Daniel Roper (d. 1943), US Secretary of Commerce-$10
H.L. (Hugh) Scott (d. 1934), Major General and Army Chief of Staff-$40
Milton Shreve (d. 1939), US Representative from PA (letter on House of Representatives letterhead)-$10
Al Smith (d. 1944), Governor of NY; 1928 Democratic Presidential Nominee-$45

John Philip Sousa (d. 1932), Marching Band Leader-$150
Charles Stedman (d. 1930), US Representative from NC-$8
Henry Stimson (d. 1950), US Secretary of State-$50
Nathan Straus (d. 1931), American Merchant and Philanthropist (former owner of R.H. Macy's)-$75
Charles Summerall (d. 1955), US Army Chief of Staff-$15
William Taft (d. 1930), 27th US President & Chief Justice of the Supreme Court-$150

Richard (Diamond Dick) Tanner (d. 1943), Western Showman-$200
A.J. Volstead (d. 1947), US Representative from MN-$30
James Walker (d. 1946), Mayor of New York City-$40-SOLD
Thomas Walsh (d. 1933), US Senator from MT; Chairman Democratic National Convention of 1924-$15
Erasmus Weaver (d. deceased), First Chief of Division of Militia Affairs-$40
Ray Lyman Wilbur (d. 1949), US Secretary of the Interior-$15
William Wilson (d. 1934)-US Secretary of Labor-$12
Stephen Wise (d. 1949), Rabbi and Zionist Leader-$50

Sgt. Alvin York (d. 1964)-World War I Medal of Honor-$250

Bill Clinton - President

Borderless 8x10 glossy black and white portrait as Governor of Arkansas, boldly inscribed in black felt tip ink, "To Sam Wedge/Best wishes/Bill Clinton/4/92." Mint condition.

$275.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Tom Kramer at silentsaregolden@hotmail.com

Ulysses S. Grant - President & Civil War General

Scarce Civil War-era CDV of Grant in uniform, signed below his image and adding his rank as Lieutenant General. Fine condition, with the top corners lightly clipped; faint bends to the lower corners of the mount; and the writing slightly faded but entirely readable. The verso bears a certification in pencil by the dean of autograph dealers, Charles Hamilton.

$4000.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Tom Kramer at silentsaregolden@hotmail.com

Theodore Roosevelt - President

Boldly signed White House card. A small, very faint spot near the top left; otherwise very fine condition.

$650.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Tom Kramer at silentsaregolden@hotmail.com

Harold Weston - Artist

A rare signed index card of Harold Weston (d. 1972), an influential American modernist painter whose work included impressionism, realism and abstraction, as well as a highly regarded political activist .

$250.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Bart at bdbop@aol.com.

Woodrow Wilson - President

Bold signature on a White House card. Very fine condition.

$625.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Tom Kramer at silentsaregolden@hotmail.com