Rare Autographs For Sale

Rare Autographs For Sale

Miscellaneous Autographs 

The following signatures, (without photos below), mostly on vintage album pages signed in the 1930's-1950's, are available for sale. If you have any questions, or are interested in any of them, please contact Bart at bdbop@aol.com


Walter Abel (d. 1987)-$15

Brian Aherne (d. 1986)-$12

Richard Arlen (d. 1976); personalized-$15

Lew Ayres (d. 1996)-SOLD

Phil Baker (d. 1963)-$7

Binnie Barnes (d. 1998)-$10

Diana Barrymore (d. 1960)-SOLD

Anne Baxter (d. 1985)-SOLD

Ralph Bellamy (d. 1991)-$15

Robert Benchley (d. 1945)/Addison Richards (d. 1964) on backside)-SOLD

Constance Bennett (d. 1965)-$30

Joan Bennett (d. 1990); personalized-SOLD

Jack Benny (d. 1974); personalized-SOLD

Ben Bernie (d. 1943)-$20

Noah Berry, Sr. (d. 1949); personalized-$50

Janet Blair (d. 2007)-$10

John Boles (d. 1969)-$20

Eddie Bracken (d. 2002); personalized-$5

Barbara Britton (d. 1980)-$5

Pam Britton (d. 1974), slip attached to an album page-SOLD

John Bromfield (d. 2005); personalized-$8

Jeanne Cagney (d. 1984); personalized-$50

Eddie Cantor (d. 1964); personalized-$50

Richard Carlson (d. 1977)-SOLD

John Carradine (d. 1988), slip attached to an album page; personalized-$50-SOLD

Milton Charles (deceased)-$10

Dane Clark (d. 1998); personalized-$10

Xavier Cugat (d. 1990)-$20

John Dall (d. 1971); personalized-$25

Helmut Dantine (d. 1982)-$15

Dennis Day (d. 1998); personalized-SOLD

Yvonne DeCarlo (d. 2007); lined index card-$12-SOLD

Andy Devine (d. 1977)-$50

Melvyn Douglas (d. 1981)-$20

Faye Emerson (Roosevelt) (d. 1983); personalized-$8

William Eythe (d. 1957); personalized-$8

Jimmie Fidler (d. 1988); personalized-$15

Betty Field (d. 1973); personalized-$10

Rhonda Fleming; personalized-$10

Jack Fulton (deceased)-$10

Frank Gaby (d. 1945); personalized-$40

John Garfield (d. 1952)-$75

William Gaxton (d. 1963); personalized-$10

Frances Gifford (d. 1994); personalized-SOLD

James Gleason (d. 1950; personalized-$30

Paulette Goddard (d. 1990)-SOLD

Bonita Granville (d. 1988)-SOLD

Jack Haley (d. 1979); personal check from 1934 (pre Wizard of Oz)-$60

Cedric Hardwicke (d. 1964)-$20 -SOLD

Phil Harris (d. 1995); personalized-$20

Hurd Hatfield (d. 1968); personalized-SOLD

Jackie Heller (d. 1988); personalized-$20

Skitch Henderson (d. 2005); personalized-$15

Ray Hendricks (d. 2001)-$10

Hugh Herbert (d. 1952)-$30

Irene Hervey (d. 1998)-$15

Celeste Holm; personalized-$8

Tab Hunter-$35

Ruth Hussey (d. 2005); personalized-$5

Gene Kelly (d. 1996)-stain covers part of first name, but still legible-$25

Andrea King (d. 2003); personalized-SOLD

Kay Kyser (d. 1985)-$15

Alan Ladd (d. 1964)-$70

Sue Carol Ladd (d. 1982)-$5

Dottie Lamour (d. 1996)/Robert Young (d. 1988) on backside-lined paper-$10

Ann Landers (d. 2002); personalized-$8

Mary Lee (d. 1996); personalized-$5

Ella Logan (d. 1969); personalized-$8

Marjorie Lord-$20

Anita Louise (d. 1970), slip attached to an album page-$8

John Lund (d. 1992); personalized-$5

Bill Lundigan (d. 1975), slip attached to an album page-$8

George Marshall (d. 1975); lined slip attached to an album page; personalized-$$18

Fredric March (d. 1975)-$50

Joan Marsh (d. 2000)-$15

Herbert Marshall (d. 1966)-$10

Mary Martin (d. 1990); personalized-$25

Marilyn Maxwell (d. 1972); personalized-SOLD

Joel McCrea (d. 1990)-$12

Marie McDonald (d. 1965); personalized-$30

Burgess Meredith (d. 1997)-$10

Ray Milland (d. 1986); personalized-SOLD

Sal Mineo (d. 1976)-SOLD

Douglas Montgomery (d. 1966)-$10

Victor Moore (d. 1962); personalized-$20

Dennis Morgan (d. 1994)-$8

Chester Morris (d. 1970)-$25

J. Carrol Naish (d. 1973)-$25

Ozzie Nelson (d. 1975)-SOLD

Merle Oberon (d. 1979), slip attached to an album page-$22

Maureen O'Hara, slip attached to an album page; personalized-$10

Laurence Olivier (d. 1989); personalized and signed L. Olivier-$40

Michael O'Shea (d. 1973); personalized-$10

Jean Parker (d. 2005)-$15

Walter Pidgeon (d. 1984); personalized-$10

Ezio Pinza (d. 1957)-$40

Dick Powell (d. 1963)-$30

Col. Manny Prager (deceased)-$15

George Raft (d. 1980)-$45

Claude Raines (d. 1967); personalized-$120

Ella Raines (d. 1988); personalized-$10

Phillip Reed (d. 1996); personalized-SOLD

Rochester (Eddie Anderson-d. 1977)-SOLD

Buddy Rogers (d. 1999); personalized-$15

Lanny Ross (d. 1998)-$15

Ann Rutherford; personalized-SOLD

Zachary Scott (d. 1995)-$25

Ginny Simms (d. 1994)-$5

Kate Smith (d. 1986); personalized-$40

Lionel Stander (d. 1984)-$10

John Sutton (d. 1963); personalized-$5

Gloria Swanson (d. 1983); personalized-SOLD

Lyle Talbot (d. 1996)-$8

Akim Tamiroff (d. 1972)-$20

Robert Taylor (d. 1969)-SOLD

Conrad Thibault (d. 1987)-$10

Franchet Tone (d. 1968); personalized-SOLD

Claire Trevor (d. 2000)-$20

Sonny Tufts (d. 1970)-$15

Raymond Walburn (d. 1969); personalized-$8

Fred Waring (d. 1984)-$15

May Whitty (d. 1948); personalized-$20

Billy Wilson (deceased); personalized-$15

Walter Winchell (d. 1972)-$35

Jane Wyatt (d. 2006)-$8

Loretta Young (d. 2000); personalized-$15

Robert Young (d. 1988)/Dottie Lamour (d. 1996) on backside-lined paper-$10

Trent Kowalik - Billy Elliot

Signed baseball card size photo of Trent Kowalik, who was one of three young actors that won the 2009 Tony Award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical. Kowalik won the award for his portrayal of Billy Elliot, in the play of the same name. As he was the youngest of the three young actors that shared the award, he is the youngest Tony Award winner ever in that category. He also holds the distinction of portraying the title role more than any other Billy, on any continent.

$7.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Bart Freidenberg at bdbop@aol.com 

Peter Lorre - The Maltese Falcon & Casablanca

Rare signed index card of character actor Peter Lorre, who died in 1964. Lorre is probably most noted for his role as Joel Cairo, in The Maltese Falcon (1941). He also portrayed the character Ugarte, in the movie Casblanca (1942). This index card was part of a large lot of vintage entertainment autographs that was auctioned off by Alexander Autographs, about two years ago.

$200.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Bart at bdbop@aol.com. Item can also be found in the Web Store.

Henny Youngman

Album page signed by Comedian Henny Youngman, famous for his quick one-lines, like "Take my mother, please." Youngman died in 1998, at the age of 91. Item comes with PSA certification.

$25.00 - For more information on, or to purchase this item, contact Bart at bdbop@aol.com