Rare Autographs For Sale

Rare Autographs For Sale


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 YES...Iam always looking to purchase new items

Welcome to my site. I have listed some of my autographs that are currently for sale and will be listing more soon. If you don't see a name, please contact me and I can check on it for you,. While I primarily focus on football, where I have more than 15,000 different names in my collection,  I also have a nice variety of other sports, entertainment and also historical signatures. So, if you don't see something on this site, feel free to e-mail and inquire.  If I don't have an item, I may know someone that might. Also, if you have a collection to sell, or just want some thoughts as to your selling options, feel free to contact me. I am always looking for new items, but am also willing to give you the various options you have.

In addition, the site may feature a number of other items, from other individual collectors/dealers, that will also be for sale. These items will feature each individual's contact information, as well as the asking price. Currently I am awaiting lists from several such individuals. Once I receive them, I will post the information on each of these individuals below:

Bart Freidenberg - all fields, but mostly vintage football

Ron Gordon - noted autograph dealer in all sports

Bill Corcoran - noted baseball dealer

Rocke Sweaney - vintage football collector

Jeff Whitmore - Goal Line Art Cards (football)


All items listed on this site come with a lifetime money back guarantee.  if they do not pass PSA or JSA examination. Each individual, that will have items on this site for sale, has agreed to this policy.

Web Store

Some of my items are also listed in the Web Store. These items can also be found on the regular pages as well. Currently, the Web Store section has the capacity for only 30 items and I am listing only my rarer items there.

About Me

I have been a collector of autographs for about 30 years. My major area of specialty is football, but I also do collect other sports, as well as vintage entertainment. I have set up this site in order to help sell some of my duplicates and items I am no longer interested in, as well as helping a couple of friends sell some of their items. 


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Recent Updates

February 2016: Added two new Groups. First, a large group of signed index cards,from various sports...mostly Baseball, but also some Baksetball, Football and a fewitems from other sports. Also, added about 700 signed US Postal Covers.

Summer 2015: Picked up a nice vintage collection from the 1930's. Loads of great names, representing all sports,  and still sorting it all out to to see what I can use in my own collection and what I now have extrasof. Names included: Jim Thorpe, The Four Horsemen, Knute Rockne, Ty Cobb, Hack Wilson, Walter Johnson and a LOT more.

Also picked up a pair of Vince Lombardi album pages which are now available, as well as cuts of George Halas, Tom Landry and Ray Nitschke.

September 25, 2015: Added a list of signed cards that were recently picked up

April 24, 2015 - Picked up another collection of vintage football items. This is mostly signed index cards, photos (of all sizes), magazine signed photos, letter and playing cards. Some good stuff is inthe collection. Included are some better names like Walt Kiesling (multi signed page and signed Kiesling), Johnny Blood McNally, Bobby Layne, Bob Waterfield and a lot of old college players and coaches.

November 24, 2014 - Just picked up 100+ Football Hall of Fame index cards, including a Johnny Blood McNally and a Tuffy Leemans. Those were the two rares, but plenty of names like Van Brocklin, Layne, Waterfield, George, etc..

October 2013  - Added 3 more football index card lists, from various collections I purchased, as well as a list of hockey index cards. 

May 2013 - Added a collection of vintage boxing autographs, from 1929, and will soon be adding some vintage Olympians as well. Also, just purchased two lareg lots of football index cards and am busy sorting them out. So, e-mail if you ahve someone that you are interested in.

January 15, 2013 - Just received a large lot, of about 3200, signed football index cards. These are mostly from college and pro players who were living and or playing in the 1960's-1980's. We have listed them under 2013 Football Index Card heading. 

December 18, 2012 - Added several new items in the Football Categories

December 16, 2011 - Added a cut signature of Bill Hewitt (d. 1947) - one of the toughest NFL Hall of Famers to find.

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